Our Tumble & Cheer Programs are open to boys and girls ages 4 – 18 years. Team placements will be held the week of May 13th. We strive to find a place for EVERY student according to their age and ability level.  Regardless of your child’s experience or skill level, our staff will be able to find a place for your child to feel successful and grow their skills! Everyone makes a team!

NEW this Season CHEER FUNDAMENTALS - This is class is offered in JANUARY. - APRIL. Mondays 5:30 - 6:30pm. The class is an hour class and it's primary focus of this class is to introduce your child to the basics of cheer with the emphasis on teaching proper technique in motions, jumps, tumble, dance & stunt. This program will be an in-house class format. FUNdamentals is an opportunity for athletes to experience All Star in a seasonal, lower commitment, lower cost, entry level, non-competitive format. Ages 4+ years $50 month


NOVICE (Exhibition)- LOCAL TEAM:  This is where the passion begins for a child of ANY AGE! This is a super fun, non-competitive team that will perform in the local area.  There is less time commitment, less financial commitment, and it is a great starting point for new cheerleaders.  They practice only 1 day a week for 1.5 hours and attend events only in Erie.  If your child desires to move up to All Star Prep they can transition in September only. Every cheerleader that desires to be on a team will be placed on a team according to their age and/or abilities. Ages 4+ years $50 month


ALL STAR PREP - LOCAL COMPETITION TEAM: The prep competitive teams are great for the new or experienced cheerleader. They will wear a uniform and attend many of the same events as the full competitive teams. The team will only compete in the Erie, Cleveland & Buffalo area. The time and financial commitment are significantly less than the full competitive program making this a great option for families who are unable or unsure about making a significant time and financial commitment to cheerleading. They practice 2 days a week (1.5 hrs each) for a total of 3 hours. Travel is regional only (Erie, 1-2 events in either Cle or Buff). Ages 5+ years $70 month


ELITE ALL STAR -TRAVEL TEAMS:  These teams will require the most time and financial commitment as they are generally reserved for cheerleaders with significant cheerleading experience. These are highly competitive teams with significant skill requirements. They practice 2 days a week for a total of 4 hours a week. Travel is Regionally; PA, OH, NY & National Competition in Florida. $90 month

If added practices are required due to injury or sickness of an athlete or new choreography during the season- there is no additional charge.


50% OFF. Tumbling classes (member price $25mth)

20% discount on Birthday parties for members. (member price $200)

We love to train beginners and we can bring out the most in every athlete that loves cheerleading. When you are investing in your child’s sport you want to make sure you are investing in the best in the area – and that is CheerVIBE!



The CheerVIBE difference....This will be our 10th year in business CheerVIBE is the most successful & affordable competitive cheer program, serving the tri-state area.  The owner & coaches have NO relatives in the program, so your child will recieve the attention they deserve!!! 

Team work 

+  Friendship

=    Success

If you are new to the world of All Star here is some helpful information regarding Competitive Cheerleading


All Star cheerleading is an athletic activity that combines elements of tumbling, dance, acrobatics and traditional cheerleading skills such as jumps and arm motions. Teams consist of up to 36 athletes performing exciting, professionally choreographyed 2.5 minute routines set to music.


There are 6 levels in compeitive cheer. The levels are defined by the ability of the athletes tumbling skills. 


Level 1 - forward/back rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, front/back walkovers in addition to basic jumps and stunts

Level 2 - standing back handspring, running handsprings in addition to more advanced jumps, tosses & stunts

Level 3 - multiple standing back handsprings, jump to handspring, running front/back tucks, aerials advanced jumps, twisting tosses and stunts.

Level 4 - standing tucks, standing handspring to layout, running layout, twisting tosses and stunts.

Level 5 - standing jump tuck or full, standing handspring to full, running full & double twisting layouts, combo passes, double twisting tosses and stunts.

In addition to the level of skills, it is also divided by age.

2019 - 20 Divisions

Tiny Novice- ages 4 - 6years

Tiny - ages 5 & 6

Mini - ages 5 - 8 

Youth - ages 6 - 11 

Junior - ages 7 - 14 

Senior - ages 11 - 18

USASF further divides divisions into Smal1, Large & Coed

Prep divisions are local teams offered in Tiny - Senior.  Routines are under 2 minutes, and no tosses.


The US All Star Federation (USASF) is the governing body with the core principle of making All Star a safer sport by establishing fair and consistent rules and competition standards. The organization credentials coaches, certifies safety judges, sanctions events and maintains and adjusts (as needed) safety guidelines, all with the goal of providing the safest possible environment for cheer and dance athletes to train and compete.




Competitive cheerleading while not as costly as other travel sports, can still be an expensive sport. Before you consider signing up your child you should consider the financial commitment. We don't charge for open gyms or additional instruction that our coaches may require for the betterment of the team. However private instruction is available upon request. We offer “All-Inclusive” pricing that covers practically ALL of the expenses that an athlete would incur throughout the year billed in a monthly payment plan, excluding clothing. This makes planning much easier for our customers. You will know exactly how much will be charged, and when it will happen and you will be provided with an invoice or statement of detailed charges every month. Additionally, each athlete will have a Booster account set up through our Parent Booster Organization for the sole purpose of fundraising.





We project over $1800 in year 2020!



When you hear the word cheerleader, you probably conjure up an image of a young girl hollering and jumping on the sidelines at a football game, but this is only one type of cheerleader. Basically, cheerleading is made up of three sectors or types that consist of all stars, scholastic and recreational cheerleaders. Here is a brief explanation of each:

All Stars Cheerleaders - All star cheerleaders are normally associated with a gym that teaches tumbling, gymnastics and cheerleading. Their main objective is to compete and they are dedicated to practicing and performing. They do not cheer for another sport such as football or basketball. Thus, their cheers are a bit different, they don't use offense and defense cheers and use instead what is called competition cheers. Their skill level is usually very high as they mainly focus on competitions. In an all star gym you can find many different types of coaches such as a tumbling coach, stunting coach and a choreographer. As a whole, all star cheerleaders are skilled in many things, including but not limited to, tumbling, dance, gymnastics, and stunting. To make it on an all star squad you will have to go through a rigorous tryout process and they usually pull their cheerleaders from their group of gym students. It is thought that all star cheerleading is the fastest growing sector of cheerleading. Most all star cheerleaders are governed by the United States All Star Federation, USASF, but not all. All star cheerleading can be a very expensive activity considering parents have to pay for uniforms, travel, lessons and all other expenses related to competitions.

Scholastic Cheerleaders - These are the cheerleaders that the majority of people are familiar with and what comes to mind when you hear the word "cheerleader." They are associated with a school and their main focus is cheering for other sports and raising school spirit. Some scholastic cheerleaders compete, but not all of them. Their tryouts are normally held in the spring for the next school year. The tryout process can be held over a number of days or it can be that everyone that tries out makes it. The decision is left up to the coach and what she/he is looking for in cheerleaders. The tryout process can be either judged or voted on by the student body. This is also where there can be varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders depending on grade and/or skill level. Scholastic cheerleaders can range from novice to advanced levels of ability and sometimes popularity can even play a part in the selection process. Because scholastic cheerleaders represent their school their personality, leadership ability, grades and conduct are normally factored in when deciding who makes the squad. Scholastic cheerleaders normally cheer for football, basketball and sometimes other school sports. The coaches for a scholastic cheerleading program are pulled from teachers and they can have an actual coach or an advisor.

Recreation Cheerleaders - The recreation type of cheerleader is associated with a community's recreation department, church, or the YWCA, which in turn, can be associated with a national recreational league such as Pop Warner or the American Youth Football and Cheerleading League. A lot of areas of the country have state recreational associations or regional associations too. This type of cheerleader normally makes the squad if they sign up, so no official tryouts are held. The cost to be a recreational cheerleader is minimal. Rec cheerleaders usually cheer for the other sports in the league and they can compete in cheer competitions if they so choose. Coaches in a rec program are normally pulled from the parents or recreational program and it's usually a voluntary position. Because rec cheerleaders are very novice to begin with and are taught the fundamentals of cheerleading, they make an excellent source or feeder group for scholastic and all star programs.

Pro Cheerleaders - In the world of cheerleading, pro cheerleaders are not considered "real" cheerleaders. They are thought of as entertainers and dancers more than as cheerleaders. It's a grueling process to make a pro cheerleading squad and the number of applicants is high compared to the number that makes it on a team. They are paid very little for their performances, but have a number of opportunities to travel and do things such as appearances and calendars. Most pro cheerleaders have a full time job to offset their pro cheerleading careers and a lot of them use their experience as a pro cheerleader to further a career in the entertainment field. Exceptional looks, personalities, communication skills and dance ability all play a part in the selection process for pro cheerleaders.

CheerVIBE Coaches USASF certified all levels
CheerVIBE Coaches AACCA certified
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