Important life lessons learned from competitive cheer

For children to become responsible adults, how you act as a parent after a game or competition will determine whether your kids truly win or lose. Letting kids participate in sports gives them the opportunity to learn many valuable lessons. Incorporating lessons learned from sports into everyday life teaches them important values that can carry over into your adult life.


Never Underestimate the Strength of Teamwork
This is probably the biggest lesson because cheerleading is not an individual sport. Cheerleading provides an opportunity for kids to set goals as a an individual and in turn set goals as a team, and cooperate with other children to achieve those goals. Since it is a team sport and you have to learn to trust and love your teammates. When you trust your teammates they become more than just people you cheer with, they become your family. You laugh together, cry together, win together, lose together, and being part of a team is the best experience in the world.


Dedication teaches loyalty

Athletes need a lot of motivation and determination to excel at any sport. All athletes experience a phase or a difficult situation during their career when they just can't seem to go on. Dedication and determination of sticking to a sport during hard times is essential. Perseverance and hard work are two entities that will work together to help you reach your goals. Through dedication and commitment to their team kids learn the true meaning of loyalty.


Everyone has something to offer

In team sports, it's rare that a star can perform every task well. For example in cheer the flyer may be the star of the stunts, but they can’t fly without their bases. The flyer may not be the best tumbler, jumper, or dancer therefore giving the opportunity to the other kids on the team to showcase their strengths. Some kids may be more developed cognitively and understand the sport's strategy, while others may be more adept socially and instinctively know how to motivate other kids to perform their best.


Practice makes perfect

Through sports, kids learn the meaning of perseverance - if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That stunt might not work the first time, or even the second time, but maybe it will the eighth time, you just have to keep your cool. They can see the results that come from repeating certain skills in order to perfect them. They develop a more positive self-image through personal achievement and learn that if they spend enough time on a task, they will eventually become better at it. With the right guidance, that valuable lesson can carry over into almost everything they may want to achieve in life.


Setting Goals is learning patience and self-discipline

It’s important for the athlete to learn to link practice to a clear and specific goal. The key is to explain what they are getting better at, and how the skill will help them achieve their personal goals separately from the team’s goals this teaches self-discipline. It takes a lot of patience to learn a new skill. It is easy to get frustrated while learning a new skill due to the constant repetitions it takes to acquire the skill. By learning to be patient with oneself you learn to be patient with others a lesson that will help you throughout life in dealing with others. Without discipline it would have been impossible to get anything done at practices. Eventually they learn if they always do their personal best the whole team benefits from them achieving their personal goal.


Feedback doesn't mean failure - It means Respect

It’s important to offer constructive feedback in an uplifting way. This can make kids more respectful and receptive when taking advice from others, even their parents. As an athlete it is important to have respect for your coach. Respecting your coach can lead to great success and respect earned from your coach. I have found that the more respect you have for your coach the more you enjoy the sport.


Humility fosters success
One of the most important lessons anyone can ever learn, but probably the most difficult is humility. It means staying confident and poised while putting away arrogance and boastfulness as we achieve our goals. Someone who has humility is much more attractive than someone who is full of themselves. It is an unspoken inner strength that doesn’t require the need for praise. The humble person appears cool and confident. They feel so secure within themselves there is no need to brag. A humble character is a vital component for achieving success in all areas of life. Cheer teaches humility, being humble about your many successes makes other people feel equal to you, rather than inferior.


Through competitions and practices the CheerVIBE staff works to develop the whole athlete - physically, mentally, and emotionally. We urge our athletes to challenge themselves to reach new abilities, aided by the most dedicated and qualified staff possible. Our main objective is for the athlete to learn dedication, loyalty, determination, perseverance, teamwork, and honesty. If we can pass these values on to at least one child then we have succeeded.

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